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That’s My Philosophy

Good content establishes you as a trusted industry expert, and that’s the best kind of marketing there is.”

Kathy Serenko

Kathy Serenko, Communications & Content Strategist

Publications want content. Customers want solutions.

Let’s get their attention by sharing your expertise.

Too many obstacles?

“No one on our staff has time to write.”

“Our technical people aren’t writers.”

“Marketers don’t understand what we do.”

“We offer a commodity product or service.”

My customers used to say the same.

Our business recently had need of a press release…Kathy’s efforts gained attention on a local and national basis, not only for our company, but for our industry as a whole.

Penny NovakAutomotive Recycling Industry

Kathy works with our engineering staff to gain understanding of her topic. This allows her to deliver copy that is precise and technically correct.

Tim Merrifield, CEOManufacturing Industry

Kathy is one of the most talented writers I’ve ever encountered. Her ability to understand the message and deliver it in a clear and concise way is unsurpassed.

Tarisha Mickel, Training ProfessionalRetail Industry

Kathy is an innovative and resourceful public relations and communications professional who has perfected her craft and makes it look easy.

Maria Stewart, Design ManagerFinancial Industry

Kathy is a fantastic high quality writer used frequently by the SMC Business Councils and highly recommended to our clients and members.

Chris Heck, SMC Business CouncilsManufacturing Industry

Kathy definitely demonstrates a strong writing proficiency but also has a skill of comprehending difficult subject matter and reducing it to layman terms. 

Rex KnisleyFinancial Industry

I have had the opportunity on numerous occasions to work with Kathy in my role as Investment Officer. She has a tremendous ability to digest complex financial topics and condense the information in such a way that is clear, concise and useful for her readers. She also has a thirst for obtaining a full understanding of the topic she is researching.

Jeff Wagner, CFOFinancial Industry

You could spend thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising.

But dollars don’t sell. Expertise DOES!