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Content Marketing: Fairy Tales or Business Sales

FACT: Content marketing drives business growth when you meet the value-to-time tradeoff that your readers rightfully expect.

Imagine Goldilocks without the Three Bears or the Three Little Pigs without the Big Bad Wolf! Who wouldn’t feel cheated by a half-told story?

It’s like the joke told by a guy who always screws up the punchline. Painful and worthless, right?

The Value-for-Time Tradeoff

My husband and I loved to frequent a little community theater. Good quality, cheap tickets, a nice night out. We’d taken friends there and told others about it. At least, we did. Until the night of the “Elton John Tribute.” We listened dumbfounded to the first three minutes of a song before finally recognizing it as Elton John’s four-minute tribute to Marilyn Monroe, Candle in the Wind. It was all we could do to stay in our seats for the remainder of the show. We don’t tell our friends about the little theater any more, and I’m not sure we will ever go back. We just didn’t get any value for our time (or money).

It’s the same for your business. If your story is half-baked or your punchline is poorly delivered, your audience isn’t receiving any value for their investment of time. They will lose interest, and chances are they won’t come return because they expect the same experience.

Quality content development will deliver value to your audience,, and it will keep them coming back for more.

If you’ve never invested in content marketing, you’re not alone. In some ways, that’s a good thing for you. You have an opportunity to become the “disruptor,” the business expert who finally masters the value-for-time tradeoff.

The equation of content marketing is not complicated:

Worthwhile Content + An Engaged Audience = Increased Leads

You can take advantage of the “increased conversion potential of content marketing,” as it is so called in an Inc. com article written by Jayson Demers.

Few doubt the effectiveness of content marketing, yet many companies hesitate to make an investment in this proven method of lead generation. Is your company one of the those? If so, the only question now is, “What are  you going to do about it?”

Content development is the best marketing investment you can make in 2017. It’s time to give your audience the value-for-time tradeoff that they seek.

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