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The Anatomy of a Content Marketing Campaign


Develop a Strategy

Risk:  Initiating marketing tactics without having a comprehensive plan of action in place.

My Advice:  Don’t make a move without a content marketing strategy. It is the foundation of your marketing activities and the only method of measuring success.

Know Your Audience

Risk:  Targeting too broad of an audience with too generic of a message.

My Advice: Don’t cast your net too widely. Target one industry vertical and then another, so that your message is tailored and effective for each.

Align Your Message

Risk: Talking about french fries when your audience is on a non-fat diet.

My Advice: Don’t make assumptions. Do your homework, understand what the industry pain points are, and align your message accordingly.

Deliver Your Content

Risk:  Failing to go where the industry decision makers are going for their information.

My Advice:  Identify the best methods to reach your audience: industry publications, online searches, trade events, or social media channels?

Engage Your Audience

Risk:  Spending marketing dollars without prioritizing a powerful call to action.

My Advice:  Remain visible, build trust, and always give your audience a good reason to contact you.

Why is content marketing

a wise investment?

Because when you share useful knowledge, you: 

become more visible.

appear more accessible.

enhance industry credibility.

increase customer engagement.

improve lead generation.

build trust.

Content marketing persuades customers that your solutions will make them more successful.

Content marketing 

is only as good 

as content strategy.

The necessities of successful content marketing:

Strategy precedes content development.

Content is consistent in quantity and quality.

Your message is tailored so that it speaks to each of your audiences.

Message delivery is influenced by the communication style of your readers.

Content is educational and engaging.

Results are monitored, and strategies are adjusted accordingly.

Trust the process!

A well-delivered message can be the difference between a new business opportunity and a closed door.