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Industry Case Studies

Engineering Consultant

The owner of this mature engineering consulting company has a unique and impressive background that makes him an in-demand industry resource. For the last several years, his visibility (and that of his company’s) had declined because of a reduction in the number of conference presentations and published technical articles. Even though the expertise of the company remained superior, reduced visibility had resulted in reduced leads.

Keep reading to learn how this company was reintroduced to a broad industry sector, beginning with content that reached an audience of 144,000.

The primary consideration, before moving ahead with content development, was to identify the right content for the right audience. We determined that the audience could be as broad as engineers in the chemical, petrochemical, aerospace, nuclear, and automotive industries. Identifying the right content meant the ability to offer a solution to a common challenge. The decision was made to address weld failure analysis.

For content outlets, we focused our initial efforts on six publications that would reach engineers in the stainless steel, plant management, and pipeline sectors. We were confident that this audience would find value in an article on weld failure analysis.

When selecting where content should be shared, it is important to recognize that many industry decision makers continue to glean insights from print trade publications. In this case, print magazines made a good jumping point for online distribution; the result was a guaranteed print and online distribution to a global audience of nearly 65,000.

This first article laid the groundwork for visibility and generated interest from editors who requested more articles. The owner also received an invitation to submit an abstract for consideration as a presenter at a global industry conference.

A single article on weld failure analysis reached and influenced  an audience that could not have been reached in any other way, and its long-term impact remains to be seen. For insight into the residual value of content, click here.

Cost Comparison: The expense of getting this article published was only 10% of what advertising rates for equal coverage would have been.


This early-stage IT client had its eye on mid-sized manufacturing companies. I helped them develop a strategy and began to write content that would educate readers about the enterprise-wide benefits of real-time data. It was important to speak to the needs of their audiences, such as improved efficiencies, reduced expenses, and analytics to improve decision making.

Keep reading to learn how a single article reached an industry audience of 67,000.

I began by interviewing the client to understand the company’s value proposition: exactly what could they do for their target market. Once we agreed on that focus, I continued to gather information from the client and complete independent research.

For this particular client, I created a series of articles that would resonate with manufacturing companies who were concerned with cybersecurity. Our first article reached a global print circulation of 26,000, a subscribed newsletter audience of 41,000, plus a large number of online readers. One article reached a target audience of more than 100,000 industry professionals – real results!

We didn’t stop there. In addition to publishing other articles, we “re-purposed” through blogs, social media channels, marketing collateral, and email marketing campaigns. Even today, the audience continues to grow.

This is just one example of how content drives visibility, credibility, and results.